The Ports of Dêleondë and a small part of the city during the Kinslaying. Dêleondë's ports haven't changed much since then.

Dêleondë (in Fedeledlandese, Stórrekr Capital, also named Capital City, Empire City or Stórrekr City) is the capital and largest city of the Empire of Fedeledland. It's located in a wide delta in the Fedeledlandese Southeast. It's the capital of Deleondë Prefecture.

Dêleondë is also the most ethnically diverse city in Fedeledland, holding several species and hundreds of religions. It's the house of the Voltronican Church representative in Fedeledland, the largest Christian community in Fedeledland, and the second largest Muslim community (after the mostly Muslim city of New Makkah). It also holds the largest human concentration out of the Human Duchies (with 25% of the population).


A map of the Dêleondë Island and vicinities.


Dêleondë is, arguably, the oldest settlement in Fedeledland. Some people, many respected scientists among them, believe that it was in Dêleondë, then a relatively fertile swamp, where the first Fedeledlandese Telerin landed on Fedeledland.

However, Dêleondë was only founded in the year 15,615 BCE, when Stórrekr the Great placed the new capital of Fedeledland where historically the Telerin had landed, and where he had placed his center of resistance (although actually, the main resistance headquarters were in a close island in the southeast, but that island was too small to be the capital center).

After the fragmentation of Fedeledland in 15,000, Dêleondë was established as an independent kingdom, led by Stórrekr's son, Barnsterkr.