A demon is, in the words of the Official Demonology Appendix (250th edition):

"A foul creature, from the confines of Inferno itself, with the power to kill, use magic, change shape, move dimentions and see into several planes of existance. Can only be contained in the mortal world with the correct words or a Summoning Pentacle. Extinct in all of Chimera except when summoned and enslaved by magicians in Fedeledland "

In the words of the Rastynhaven Bestiary Database (3502 DSN):

"A organism whose origins have yet to be explained by modern science. A demon naturally has adapted the the power to kill, channel magic, manipulate multiple dimensions, and have an unnatural powerful odor. The odor is foul in the case of Foliots, but a rather sweet scent in the case of Djini.

Author's Note:It should be noted that the elegant Imps, revered in the Soyir and in the Sakaiki-Gakapaka religions, are classified in the same category as these notorious creatures in Fedeledland. The same goes for Djini, as the majority of the Smokeless Fire beings are either good or neutral."

Demons, in fact, are creatures from another dimension, summoned by magicians to do their bid. They are classified in five different main groups (although there are demons far more and less powerful), ordered here in descending level of power:

  • Marids
  • Afrits
  • Djinn (could be either good, bad, or neutral in Rastynhaven)
  • Foliots
  • Imps (with the exception of Rastynhaven)

Note: While in most nations, Imps are regarded as evil and

There are nineteen thousand five hundred and fourty one (19,541) registered species, and about fourty five thousand (45,000) unregistered ones.

Demons are extremely dangerous. They might kill a magician and escape if it doesn't have the powers to constrict it. Therefore, there are specific measures the demon-summoning governments have tried to do in order to stop a possible demon invasion.

In order to summon a demon magicians use various charms of protection. Magicians use herbs (such as rowan wood and rosemary), incantations, runes and, although not always necessary, a pentacle (which is highly recommended to be able to control beings of great power). There are other protections such as using mirrors and wearing mirrored glasses or making the demon drink vats of donkey milk. This specific types of protections are exclusively used on certain types of demons.