Flag of Fedeledia

Fedeledia, (Fedeledi: ᑉᐲᑦᑏᒑᑦ, Ppiittiigaat) or the Fedeledlandese South (Fedeledlandese: Sur Fedeledlandese, Fedeledi: Fedeledgorth Baj) is the southernmost portion of the Fedeledlandese Empire. Until Freymøgr's Campaigns only Fedeledlandese in name, Fedeledia has become just another prefecture of Fedeledland, only that the largest one. It's current capital is Dêlfreymøgr.


Fedeledia occupies an area of 3615 sq. miles, of which 11% is arable (401 square arable miles). Fedeledia is a mostly barren region, henceforth it's population density is the smallest of all territories (20 people per square mile).


Nearly 100% of the 72,300 inhabitants Fedeledia has are Fedeledi. Most of the remainder, with close to 0.5% of the population, is Elven