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Flag of the Fedeledlandese Empire

The Empire of Fedeledland (Lorenzin: Imperio de' Fedeledlandia, Fedeledi: ᖀᑦᑏᓖᑦᑦᒑᑦ, Qiittiiliittgaat) is a nation in the southwestern edge of the World of Chimera. It's capital is at Dêleondë. It's ISO 3166 is FE. Fedeledland is one of the largest, most populated nation on the southwestern Chimera. According to the Fedeledlandese government, Fedeledland is a Beacon of Civilization within the Barbaric World, as, from the Fedeledlandese point of view, Murgoth and the other surrounding nations are barbaric.


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Administrative DivisionsEdit


Map of Fedeledland

A map of Fedeledland. In light green (with local names) is the clainmed territories (Muria, Fedeledia, the Southern Isles and Tolú.

Territorial ClaimsEdit




Fedeledland is a very diverse nation, in terms of species, as well. It's most important species are:

In elves, the most important ethnic group is the Telerin, with almost no Vanyar or Ñoldor influence, making the Fedeledlandese elves some of the most homogenous elves in all of the world, while this is not the case with humans. The most important ethnic groups are:

  • Latin-descendant (Italian, Spanish, Romanian, etc.) - 25% of the human population
  • Norse - 20%
  • Finno-Ugric: 17%
  • Germanic: 15%
  • Arabic: 13%
  • Turkic: 5%
  • Greek: 3.5%
  • Other: 1,5%

Language Edit

Fedeledland has nine main languages, which are:

  • Lorenzin
  • Telerin
  • Quenya
  • Sindarin
  • Fedeledlandese Norse
  • Fedeledi
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • English

Of those, Lorenzin, Telerin, Quenya, Fedeledi and Fedeledlandese Norse are official languages, while the others are only recognized in a regional level.


Approximately 75% of the Fedeledlandese population is agnostic, since the Great Havoc caused a great impact on Fedeledlandese religions that had promised that wouldn't ever happen. The other 25% is divided between the following religions:

  • Fedeledism (12.5%)
  • Protestant Christianism (4%)
  • Shiite Islam (3%)
  • Nordic Pagan religions (1%)
  • Greek Pagan religions (1%)
  • Demon Adoration (1%)
  • Zoroastrianism (1%)
  • Catholic Christianism (0.5%)
  • Mesopotamian religions (0.2%)
  • Judaism (0.1%)
  • Atheism (0.05%)
  • Other (0.65%)

Fedeledland is, therefore, possibly one of the most religious-diverse nations in the whole world.