The following is a timeline of the history of the Fedeledlandese Empire.

Before the Telerin ElvesEdit

In FedeledlandEdit

It is not known when exactly when was it that the Fedeledi species began to occupy what today is known as Fedeledland. However, it is known that by 10 MYA, the Fedeledi species had been confined to Fedeledland's unique climates, as the rest of the world became uninhabitable for them.

About 1 MYA, when the Telerin Elves appeared in the Middle Earth, the Fedeledi began it's antique civilization.

In ArdaEdit

Millions of years ago, the Elven race was created far in the East of the Middle Earth. Hundreds of years later, the elves were under three different kings and heading westward under the Valar gods.

The Teleri race was hindered when it's king, Elu Thingol, got lost in the forests of central Bereiland. The Fedeledlandese Telerin move out of the main comitive when they get tired for searching for the Telerin kings.

The Fedeledlandese race settled throughout the southern coast of Bereiland, now called the Falas.