The term Human Cities is a term used in order to describe the four largest cities in the Human Duchies. This cities are: Fródleikrborg, New Makkah, Útlendrborg and Bátrborg. Its human population, with the exception of New Makkah, is also mostly Fedeledlandese Nordic (coming from the Nordic invasions that, with many other human waves, settled large swathes of the World of Chimera). New Makkah also comes from this times, but it's mostly Turkic, not mostly Nordic.

There are many other human cities in Fedeledland, such as New Helsinki, Nuova Firenze or Fredrikshamn, but none of them are nearly as large as the Human Cities, and are not classified as such. Nuova Firenze, although currently the second largest city in Fedeledland, is not counted as part of the Human Cities because:

  1. it is not part of a Human Duchy (The Nuova Firenze rural areas are mostly elven, and only the city is human),
  1. the Fedeledlandese consider it to be too rich and varied to be catalogized together with the homogeneous Human Duchies.