The flag of the Murgothi confederation

Murgoth (Fedeledlandese: Muria, Fedeledi: 'ᒧᕐᒑᑦ, Murgaat) is a loose confederation of tribes located to the northeast of mainland Fedeledland and to the north of Fedeledia. Murgoth, a former enemy of the Fedeledlandese, is now claimed by Fedeledland as part of their basic territory. However, there is no formal control over Murgoth whatsoever.
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Flag of Murgoth as claimed by the Fedeledlandese government.


population: 150,000 in the plains

90,000 in the forest and mountains

50,000 in the hills to the west

10,000 spread across the world, normally as soldiers or mercenaries. 300,000 total

All of the population in Murgoth is Murgothi.

Murgothi/Murgothian peopleEdit

The following information was recieved from the official Murgothi Factbook (see sources)

The Murgothians look much like werewolves. They have no fur, but instead a tough hide whose color matches their general enviorment. For example, a tribe of Murgothians that had lived in the mountains for a long time would be brown and grey. they have four arms, all of which can hold a weapon and function independently. they can walk and run on either two or six legs. when standing, they are eight feet tall. all there sense are fairly strong. they themselves, on average, have the strength of a small black bear.

TYPES: plains/scrub: standard and must numerous. they are colored yellow, brown, and green.

border: those tribes that live on the border between gul's and other nations. are broader and stronger in general. they are whatever color there enviorment is.

mountain: similair to the plains murgothians, except thier upper arms are slightly stronger, and thier upper claws slightly longer, to help with digging. are normally colored grey, white, brown,and green, depending on which part of the mountian they live on.

hill: similair to mountian murgothians. are smaller and thinner then the plains murgothians, and live inside the hills rather than in the open.

forest: very small, perhaps five feet tall. can live in the trees. compete with bears, wolves, and cats for food. are the most resentful over being conquered. are colored black, green, and brown.


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