The Official Demonology Appendix is a notable Fedeledlandese encyclopædia. It contains all the known 19,541 classified species of demons, and some hypotesis for the 45,000 missing ones. The exaustive preparation and illustration of these manuscripts took approximately 100 years in the original making, and a new edition takes approximately 15 years. Although it's considered a single book, it in fact composes of fifty different volumes.


1. History of DemonsEdit

The first chapters of the Demonology Appendix speaks about the history of demons: What do we know of how did they arise, how did they inhabit the Other Place, how did we discover them, how did they first arrive into the Chimeran world and the many histories of Chimeran-demon interaction.

One of the most famous histories in the Appendix is that of the wars of Demon Liberation. The authors of the Appendix write almost all of the Demon Liberation's history, since the Great Havoc, passing through the Years of Terror until the birth of Stórrekkr the Great and his long, drawn-out wars of defeating the many Fedeledlandese demons, such as Grendel, Ramuthra and their mother. Later, they write a chapter about how did distorted tales of Stórrekr's history make way to the human world, where the Anglo-Saxon bards wrote one of the most notable Anglo-Saxon works of poetry, Beowulf, the histories of Tiamat and Marduk (in which Stórrekr was made into Marduk, a god) in Babylon, and several other notable pieces of human mythology.

The book continues to tell how did demons were used after they were expulsed from the demon-occupied areas in Fedeledland. It tells the story of several notable afrits, marids, djinn and foliots, and some imps.

The last book, the only one to be updated every month instead of every ten years, also makes a list of the main demons and if they are free or not, in order to help summons. It is designed to be updated magically, in order not to waste a lot of parchment. The book is also the largest, as there are hundreds of demons. However, it is the easiest to get. It is possessed by a djinni confined to the parchment in order to update it.

2. DemonologyEdit

The second, and largest, group of books of the Appendix is the Demonology section.