The Blood Bound Journals are a set of 32 recovered soldier journals from the battles of the

blood bound Journal

Great Divide Period, of the Ten Kingdoms. There is only 1 recovered journal from the last battle at Quoyson Valley. This particular journal of the set seems to have been passed down through generations of the same regiment, The Vizean 3rd Calvary, since the beginning of the period (it is believed that this is how it became known as Journals and not the singular journal). This Journal has recieved the nickname "The Blood Soaked Journal" because its pages are nearly covered in blood making it nearly impossible to read and decipher at times for experts.

"...blood, blood, blood did the waves chop against the sea of the shores of travesty. We soldiers shall die, die, die for Kingdom and Thee. We people shall fear, fear, fear for we will soon be soldiers."

-Excerpt from the Quoyson Blood-bound Journals