Flag of Rastynhaven 3516 DSN-Present

Rastynhaven is a large, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Princess Yasmina (17), Princess Jorani (12), and Prime Ministerin Saakua Laaka (43) and renowned for Her museums and concert halls. Her compassionate population of 920 million are fiercely patriotic and enjoy great social equality. The capital city Kripatra is also one of the largest cities in the World of Chimera. Her coastline is surrounded by The Mist.


Many people confuse the root Rastyn with the ethnic group Rastyni. However, Rastyn is the Vaarnevaa word for the Rastynian people, a nationality and Rastyani'i is the Vaarnevaa word for the Rastyni ethnic group. Haven, despite its meaning in English, does not mean asylum or sanctuary. Instead, it means sacred homeland. Therefore, Rastynhaven means "Sacred Homeland for the Rastynian People."


Extent of Rastynhaven Territory

Extent of the Rastynian Empire in Green

The Verisela Peninsula is located on the Southeast of the Western Continent, with the Northern Mountains seperating it from the rest of the Western Continent.

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Rastynians are very patrotic and consider Rastynhaven to be one of the few civlized countries left in the Old World.

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