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Margeris battles slibinas

Slibinas are huge sapient three headed reptile, once common in island of Notanga, but only few of them lives in Penionys mountains.

Appearance and habitsEdit

Slibinas range from 2 to 5 meters in size, depending from age. Commonly they are black, but with age color of their scales turns to dark-blue or dark-green. Slibinas lives in small, one family groups, but whose families maintains contacts and often organize a joint hunts. Slibinas lives nomadic life, constantly traveling and searching for prey. While they not so sapient as humans, they have language and basics of social structure. They share size makes them capable of surviving on they own, but often few or more families joins to organize an attack against humans settlements. Slibinas are carnivores and they prey animals and humans equally. Humans villages are highly valued targets among them, because of livestock find there.


In early stages of Notanga history, Slibinas was dominant life form in island. Humans was under constant attack and only survived in large, well fortified settlements. There is no clear knowledge remaining of how humans defeated slibinas dominance, but legenst attributes this to first king of Notangians Margeris Žudikas. Slibinas were exterminated in major part of island and now survives only in Penionys mountains, but surrounding villages still sometimes suffers from their attacks.