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Map of Voltronica

Voltronica (FanT) exists in the World of Chimera . Consisting mostly of icy forests, mountains, and enough farmland to support twice its approaching 2 billion inhabitants.

Racial and Ethnic DemographicsEdit

The population consists of three native races Human, Kelololon (Frog people), and Vexers (small in number but are a keystone race in Voltronican History). The population also consists of many other races commonly found throughout the rest of the World of Chimera such as Elves, Dwarves, and Kenshin.

Religious DemographicsEdit

Icanian Magnus De Sayniech Tbo is the national and only religion.

The Ten KingdomsEdit

The 10 kingdoms of Voltronica are usually divided among racial and religious prejudices but have a common culture about them representing a robust united steampunkish society. Ever since the defeat of the Demons when the Treaty of Queysat was signed at the Palace of Tears the kingdoms have considered themselves a loosely formed nation against outsiders and common enemies. Yet, even with all this unification there is still infighting amongst the 10 kingdoms. There is a annual Landsmeet at the Palace of Tears to resolve the issues of the Land of Voltronica, hopefully without slitting each others throat in the process. The hate for each other is great but the hate towards outsiders is obvious.

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